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How to write blog post content and get paid from India in Ten?

Dear Patron,

We thank you for your interest in contributing content for India in Ten. Here we have outlined the content submission guidelines and overall process for writing and get paid from India in Ten.

Before we move ahead, make sure, you register with India In Ten Website. This will help us keep the dialogue going on forever.  

In sync with our blog’s theme, here is a 10 point listicle.

1: Get your post idea pre-approved

Submit up to 3-5 post idea pitches to indiainten@gmail.com before you go on flushing them out with expanded thoughts.

  • What your post idea pitches should include?


    • Come up with catchy Titles as headlines in bigger font sizes, bolded in not more than 10-15 words
    • Always start with “10 things or Top ten things”
    • Always try to have the word “India” as it relates with our blog’s core theme

Content Outline

    • Follow the heading with a normal paragraph containing 3-5 sentences explaining what the post will be about.

If you have challenges in coming up with titles, feel free to submit the best you can. We will support you with that ☺

2: What are the Popular Content Themes India in Ten accepts?

  • Well, by now you have read through our featured blog posts. Also, the overview of our blog clearly says that “India in Ten” focuses on unique topics around everything about the beautiful country, India.
  • To simplify this, write anything and everything unique about India. Relate it with current affairs, facts, funny incidents, travel experiences, food & dining, cultural greatness, blunders, things you want to change, business, students, healthcare system, politics, sports, movies, arts etc.

3: How long it will take before accepting or rejecting post idea pitches?

As early as we can. Anytime from few minutes or 7 days at the max from the date of receiving your blog post pitch ideas.

But, be guaranteed! We will revert after giving it a careful consideration and review of your blog post ideas. We are currently receiving lot of nominations. Thank you for the overwhelming interest.

4: What are the Do’s and Don’ts to get my blog post quickly accepted?


  • Duplicate Content – Please do a site search here on our blog if your post idea has already been published. However related ideas or different perspectives to our existing content are definitely welcomed.
  • Plagiarism – We are sure, you won’t copy others work. Present your uniqueness in thoughts, experiences and writing. Let our audiences truly understand your style.
  • Grammar – It will be extremely great if your blog post submissions don’t have grammar issues. This will save everyone’s time.
  • Ethical Content – This blog represents everything about India. Hence posts that try to disturb gender neutrality, religious harmony, racial equality or that induce violence, create chaos will not be accepted.
  • Slang – For readers’ sake, let’s avoid writing in unknown slang, chat language, SMS Language or self-created jargons or acronyms.
  • External Links – Don’t stuff your blog post with bunch of external links. Bring them only wherever possible. We don’t allow more than 2 external links per blog post.
  • Action writing – Have your blog posts written in a conversational tone with action writing. Avoid passive writing as much as possible. Break down longer sentences into simple ones so that it can be well understood.


  • Formatting – Give your blog post submission a clean formatting with the following elements clearly highlighted.
    • Title, Sub-title, interesting opening, Body of the content, 10 Lists, smooth transition across the logically sequenced lists, supporting images
  • Author Profile – Author’s Full Name, an impressive Photograph, Profile Description, Blog URL, Links to Social Media Account Handles
  • Length of the blog post – Word count of 1000 or more. This allows us the flexibility of editing or pruning wherever required to convey your original thoughts to the best interest of our audience.

5: How to submit the full blog post?

  • Register with India in Ten
  • First submit your blog post idea pitch and get it approved. Refer Step 1
  • Submit full content of your approved blog post to indiainten@gmail.com with attachments and your contact details with phone number
  • Once your article is approved, we shall upload it with your name and transfer the payment within 2 weeks.
  • Send us your bank details or Paytm account along with the approved blog post.

Account Holder’s Name:
Bank Account Number:
Name of the Bank:
Branch Name:
IFSC Code:

6: Will India in Ten edit my blog post?

Yes and No!

  • Yes, only wherever required without changing your original tone and style.
  • No, when your original writing style itself impresses our readers.

7: Should I submit relevant images for the blog post?

  • Yes please. Wherever it makes sense, include original images or copyright free images with credits to the owners within the word document.
  • We will also try to enhance the visual appeal of your blog posts.
  • We don’t reject blog posts if it doesn’t have images. Your quality content is what important to us. Don’t worry, we will work on the images.

8: How much will I get paid for each blog post?

  • Here is the deal. We will pay you INR 100 to INR 250 purely based on the originality, uniqueness and quality of your blog post.
  • Continuously writing for India in Ten could become a full-time or part-time work from home or anywhere.

9: How do I receive online payment from you?

  • Upon checking for plagiarism and other content guidelines policy of India in Ten, we will submit your blog post.
  • You will receive the approved payment within 1 month from the time the blog post has been published.
  • If you are a regular writer who contributes minimum of 5 articles per month, you will receive the payments in 2 weeks from the time each post got published.

10: How long it will take before publishing the blog post on India in Ten?

  • We aim to complete the whole content publishing life cycle within 2 weeks from the date you receive confirmation email from us.

This will be a live document. Please visit often to check our policy changes. For any further queries, please do write at indiainten@gmail.com 


India in Ten Team