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Unique things about The Tamil People A.K.A The Madrasis

When you think of Tamilnadu, many unique facts and pictures may paint your mind. Here are top 10 unique things about the Tamil People, very often called as Madrasis.

  1. Favorite Idli Sambar

    First thing when you land on Tamilnadu’s airport or the Railway station, your ideal breakfast could be their favorite Idli Sambar or Dosa with Sambar. This is also perhaps the most eaten food in this region.

    1. Idly: Well grinded flour rice and urad dhal is fermented overnight, then steamed as round ice cakes, AKA Idlis. Even Doctors prescribe Idli as the healthiest food to rely on.
    2. Dosa: Grinded rice flour is fermented for a night to gain maximum natural nutrients, laid on Tavas in a circular motion, shallow baked with rich Ghee or oil and flavors like aloo masala, podi, chillies, onions, rava are added as preferred.
    3. Sambar: Sambar or Dhal is the best companion for Idli and Dosa. When Idlis and dosas are served with sambar and coconut chutney, that defines a typical South Indian breakfast or dinner.
  2. Flavorful Filter Coffee

    No breakfast, lunch or dinner is considered complete, if it is not followed with a freshly brewed Filter Coffee. Three states of South India i.e., Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka grow Coffee plantations and export across the world. Madrasis are fans of strong Coffee, often prepared with cow milk and sugar. Some like having Tea as well.

  3. Arts, Music and Bharathanatiyam

    South India is often considered as a pioneer for rich, divine arts and culture. Tamilians are known for their interest and knowledge when it comes to Arts, music and Dance. Eminent personalities and legends in Arts, Music and Dance have been born from Tamilnadu. Theirs is perhaps one of the oldest and strongest culture in India. Till date, they spread the greatness of their culture across the world and even help others learn them as well.

  4. Dhotis, Sarees and Dhavanis

    Their traditional dress for men is Dhoti’s, a lengthy white cloth worn in the waist. For Women, it’s the World Famous Sarees. Sarees do come in 1000s of varieties. The famous Kanchivaram Silk Sarees is their outcome. Brides across the nation admire the silk woven Sarees for their wedding occasion. For girls, it is “Dhavani”, often called as “Half-Sarees”. It is indeed a beauty to watch their traditional clothing on weddings, family gathering and religious festivals.

  5. Hindi is a Foreign Language

The one state in the entire Indian Nation that still don’t speak Hindi is Tamilnadu. It is actually a myth that Madrasis don’t speak Hindi. Many do learn to read, write and speak in Hindi. It is just that a greater fraction of Tamilnadu people, especially from interior and rural Tamilnadu still haven’t learnt to speak the common language, Hindi.

  1. 1 in Education

Some may question about the status Number 1.  When it comes to literacy, Tamilnadu is not certainly the number 1 state. But in general, Madrasi’s are indeed highly educated. They are intelligent people who pursue education to greater depths in respective field and climb greater heights.

  1. Fans of Rajinikanth

    This is certainly a myth that all Madrasis are fans of the actor Rajinikanth. Madrasis are huge fans of movies. They have made many successful actors as politicians and even their chief ministers. Rajinikanth is the super star of Tamil Cinema world. Recently Rajinikanth has announced that he is starting a political party and wishes to serve the state. Let us wait and see if Rajinikanth’s campaign into politics is a successful one or not.

  2. Rice Meals on Banana Leaf

    It is a great experience to even watch the festive meals of Madrasis. A long banana leaf is widespread and an array of food types like boiled rice, ghee, sambhar, vegetables, pickles, rasam, curd milk, payasam, banana fruit are served in a scientific manner. One who finishes the meals often chew beetle leaves to ease their digestion.

  3. Eating with Hand

Madrasis are often portrayed in movies as people who eat their meals using hands. It is indeed a fact that they do that and food tastes good when eaten with hand. It is also an art to eat food with bare hands and in a fashion that it doesn’t paint a bad picture in front of other people.

  1. The Harvest Festival and Sweet Pongal

    The harvest festival is being celebrated across several states in India. But the Pongal Festival celebrated in Tamilnadu is something special. It is a festival that celebrates the hardwork of farmers, the cattle and the entire agricultural ecosystem. Tamilians prepare a special dish called Sweet Pongal, made of freshly harvested rice, jiggery, ghee, milk and cashews. It is a divine food when taken after puja to the Sun God and the Cattle that helps in agriculture.


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