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Top 10 Scams in India that will surprise you by Numbers

Recent PNB INR 11,300 Crores scam exposes the biggest flaws in the Indian banking system and Law mechanism works. Let us have look at the previous scams that have taught us a lot. Some of these scams have been brought forward to trial and got some justice. Rest of them will run for years without justice.

  1. Indian Coal Allocation Scam

People lost: Rs 186000 crores

Main accused: Manmohan Singh, Kumar Mangalam Birla and P.C. Parakh

Year: 2014

  1. Fodder Scam

People lost: Rs. 950 crores

Main accused: Lalu Prasad Yadav

Year: 1996

  1. Bofors Scam

People lost: Rs 400 million

Main accused: Ottavio Quattrocchi

Year: 1980’s

  1. Satyam Scam

People lost: Rs 14,000 crores

Main accused: B. Ramalinga Raju

Year: 2009

  1. Saradha Group Chit-Fund Scam

People lost: Rs. 24 billion

Main accused: Sudipto Sen

Year: 2013

  1. Nirav Modi –PNB scam

People lost: Rs. 113 billion

Main accused: Nirav Modi

Year: 2018

  1. Harshad Mehta Scam

People lost: Rs 5,000 crores

Main accused: Harshad Mehta

Year: 1992

  1. 2G Spectrum Scam

People lost: Rs 1,76,645 crores

Main accused: A. Raja & M. K. Kanimozhi

Year: 2011

  1. Commonwealth Games Scam

People lost: Rs 90 crores

Main accused: Suresh Kalmadi

Year: 2010

  1. Hawala Scam

People lost: $18 million

Main accused: L.K Advani/ Late Narasimha Rao

Year: 1991

With many more scams yet to be explored, few immoral Indian Politicians and Business People continue to take their tolls. Let us look forward to read more about newer scams in the upcoming years.


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