Top 10 New Year Resolutions Indians Take and Forget

It’s that time of the year! With the sense of accomplishing 2017 New Year Resolutions, here we go setting up even bigger New Year Resolutions for the 2018.

  1. To Stay Slim and Fit

Okay, don’t laugh. Nothing to shy away. You are not the only one. Don’t lose your hope even if this is the 3rd consecutive time you have paid the annual membership at a Gym or a sports club or the newly ordered shiny shoes & jackets. The resolve to staying fit is more important. Having that thought at the back of your mind itself will keep you motivation


Try joining with another person or a group to extend this particular resolution to live longer.

  1. To Establish a healthy life routine

Staying glued to the Smartphones, laptops, television or music system 24/7 doesn’t mean they help us live a quality life any longer. They help only in material or pure entertainment aspects of life. We lost the habit of sticking to a routine. Our earlier generations have thrived sustainably with a quality life routine. A quality routine will help in achieving life goals, work life balance, spiritual heights etc.


  • Start writing journals or diaries in mornings and nights to reflect every day.
  • If needed, take use of Smartphone apps to plan a routine and beat distractions.
  1. To Quit Smoking

How can you ignore Nicotine cravings? Well, it’s not easy once you made it an hourly affair. Smoking is the cause factor of 1 in every 10 deaths. Realising this, Indians have resolved to quit smoking year over year. Good news is 53% of Indians plan to quit smoking.

Movies, televisions and magazines have a great role in spreading the fashion of smoking to every common man in our Nation after the British rule.

India ranks 4th top rank in the list with 11.2% of the overall number of smokers in the World.

An estimated 100 Million Indians smoke tobacco based cigarettes and bedis. 2% of our Women population have developed the habit too.


  • Take deep breaths every time you get a nicotine craving. Drink water. Meditate often.
  • Don’t be afraid to develop your own reasons, experiments or tricks to quit smoking gradually.
  • Every time when you skip drinking, reward yourself something you relish very much
  1. To Quit Drinking

That last sip of the drink we had on New Year’s eve should be the last sip for the year. However, 52 weekends, the list of weddings, birthday parties, office parties and pending treats do pose a threat to break our resolve.

As opposed to smoking, the number of people who drink has been climbing up. This is definitely a concern for the overall society. Drinking does give an excited state and can be tried occasionally for fun. But regular usage derails our health and often gets us into trouble.


  • Intentionally avoid or defer situations where you will be tempted to drink
  1. To Break Bad Habits

Bad habits don’t simply refer to smoking or drinking. It can literally be any habit that works against our growth, physical health, mental health or our lifestyle. Though it’s a never-ending list, some of the bad habits we can relate to ourselves are wasting time, addiction to smartphones, unnecessary anger, not eating on time, having grudges, stereotyping, overeating, public littering, watching porn, buying lottery, excessive spending etc.


  1. To Learn New Skill sets

We are not going to live 100 years. When are we going to learn that music instrument, Carnatic singing, traditional dance, foreign language or that art class or carpentry course.

Skill dynamics is the biggest factor that drive economies. Our future depends on possessing the new skill sets needed to sustain and thrive. 10 years from now, today’s jobs and careers won’t be there. Technology plays a spoilsport. One needs to learn and excel in more than few skills in order to combine them in a creative manner and establish niche areas so remain relevant in the future.

Let’s make the life super interesting by learning that skillsets we always envied. We all are born with the same capacity. It’s just the practice that make few people climb greater heights.


  • Find and enroll into online courses from MOOCs like Coursera, EDX, Udemy.
  • Enroll courses that will help you achieve long term passion and aspirations.
  1. To Eat Healthier Food

We all have that Craving for the popular local street-side food.

Eating healthier food is becoming a difficult thing day by day. This applies to those who live along with their families and away from their families. By now, it is a common wisdom that hazardous fertilizers and intentionally spread infectious diseases ravage the plant and animal kingdom from what we prepare our food.

Booming real estate business, infrastructure development, attractive non-farming jobs have taken their toll on agriculture already. Somehow with the general awareness spread through the internet, people have realised the importance of preserving agriculture, turning back to millets, organic food crops and healthy diets. The e-commerce companies play a role too in making healthy food reach common man in every corner of the nation.


  • As best as you can, take food only at home. If you live away from family learn cooking. Trust me, it’s that refreshing and will make you focus on totally something else aside everyday issues.
  1. To Gain Financial Prosperity

Somehow, Money has been the prime motivating factor in living a materially, philosophically and holistically fulfilled life. Claiming that long due promotion, starting up something on your own, buying that first house or car for the family depends on the money we earn.

Plan it wisely. Implement disciplined approaches and well-paced milestones.


  • Realize that there is no end in acquiring financial wealth. Don’t forget to live life while growing financially on a consistent growth rate.
  • Make sure to diversify your portfolio with low-risk and high-risk investment portfolio
  1. To Travel and explore exotic destinations

Travel is a great obsession for many of us. Activity feeds of our friends on Instagram, Flickr and FB induces us even more to experience the vivid scenery and action.

How many of us have availed the LTA (Leave travel allowance) to enjoy a tax-free vacation?

Internet helps a lot in planning that long due vacation we all aspire for. If you realize, the success of this resolution is to just execute the decision. The rest will fall in place.


  • Don’t wait for that one rare opportunity to travel to that exotic, dream destination. Continue to explore and exploit local and regional travel destinations.
  • We might think that Budget is the biggest constraint. Saving it systematically every month, will take us to places we have never been.
  1. To Spend Quality time with Family & Friends

If not for Facebook and WhatsApp, many of us wouldn’t even stay in touch with friends and loved ones in our life.

In the highly dynamic environment, often we tend to forget that life is worth living only when we have the friends, family and loved ones around.


  • Plan for dedicated quality time with family, friends and loved ones.
  • Plan early and never miss attending family or friends gathering.


Statistics may discourage you by showing that only 8% of the people fulfil their resolutions and 80% of new Year resolutions fail by February. Friends may laugh about it. Don’t get carried away. Let’s give our best to fulfil our new year resolutions this year. Wish you all a very prosperous happy new year!

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