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The Top 10 YouTube Channels of India in 2018

Internet revolution changed the landscape of Businesses and offered many new ways to advertise and promote businesses. One of them that enabled even an individual or a corporate to make money is the Online Business called YouTube Channels.

Not sure of the running number of YouTube Channels. But surely, many new individuals and corporates have even more ambitious plans in 2018.

Here is the list of Top 10 YouTube Channels of India and their Subscribers, Views and follower-base.

Businesses need not be manufacturing and services alone.

  1. Rank – 1
  2. Rank – 2
  • Channel name: SET India (Sony Entertainment Television)
  • Click here for the Link:
  • Uploads: 21,657
  • Subscriber: 18,422,769
  • Video Views: 13,800,738,566
  1. Rank: 3
  1. Rank: 4
  2. Rank: 5
  3. Rank: 6
  1. Rank: 7
  2. Rank: 8
  3. Rank: 9
  4. Rank: 10

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