Top Ten New Age Freelancing Careers list with Steady Passive Income

    1. Web Design, web, Mobile app development, custom programming

      The constant way between Innovation and disruption has transformed the business models of businesses. Information Technology has established itself as the key enabler of growth. We have seen international examples of how businesses that adopted digital thrived and how businesses that hesitated bite the dust. To begin a long charted digital transformation journey, the first step is to have a functional website based online presence. With websites the internet presence can be extended beyond borders, strengthened to beat competitors with help of a variety of digital marketing techniques. To further supplement the business growth, programming driven web application or Mobile applications are needed to improve the operational agility. With help of freely available online course materials or books, one can self learn web designing or Mobile app development or web app development.

      Hourly earnings start so cheap from $10 per hour to $100s of dollars per hour. One can simply dedicate after office hours, holidays and weekends to this part-time career and earn steady passive income. Popular freelancing platforms:, Upwork, Fiverr have thousands of gigs listed.

    2. Graphic design, Animation, Audio and Video Editing

      Be it a personal invitation to invite friends or family or digital rich media communication to target business customers users are completely sold out on the idea of relying digital technologies. To apply personalized branding, appealing aesthetics to impress the audience, graphic design and a animation skills are essential. The graphic design too ecosystem again cause be self learnt using simple to advanced courses that are available in training institutes or e-learning platforms. The applications of graphic design and animation are totally reusable, cost effective, measurable, editable and can be repurposed for different occasions. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe premiere, Maya, Flash, Blender are some of the highly popular told to begin with.

      Hourly rates start from humble $5 per hour for banners, logos, emailers to $200 per hour for advanced animation and production ready content. You must explore Adobe behance, Themeforest envato and other major online marketplaces where you can sell your deliverables.

    3. Content writing, Storyteller, Scripting, Screenplay

      Internet grew faster because of search engines. Stack engines till date have been programmed to understand text content better than images and audio or video content. So, content is the King of Digital marketing. Quality Content writing is in so much demand that there is a lot of demand in the market. To become a content writer one needs to be strong in written and it’s communication skills. The ability to write short form Content, long form Content and for different collaterals and different industries is essential. A good content writer needs to be familiar with the syntax for different social media platforms. You may even publish your content as an e-book using digital publishing and sell it online on Amazon and other leading players.

      The way you can bill your clients may be based on Hourly rates, paise per word ppw, ropes per word, rpw, per page, number of words or a fixed bid project. Popular content writing job portal where regular content writing gigs are posted are platforms like upwork, freelancer, fiverr, writersbay and many more.

    4. Freelance Modeling, Acting, Event Organizing, Video Jokeying

      We have seen hundreds of youth getting grand debut in television or even movies just by showcasing their personal portfolio of images or videos in social media platforms like instagram,, facebook. For quality talent and good presentation of personality, there are plenty of monetization options today. There are 1000s of YouTube channels, ad companies, short film makers, event organizers, advertisement agencies and moviemakers who are on the constant look for fresh identity to use in their media.

    5. Personality development, technical skills building

      One thing everyone must have realized in 21st century is that the secret sauce of personal and professional success lies in continued skill building. Be it self-development and personality development skills such as communication, presentation, interpersonal skills or advancing skill sets in niche vocational careers or technical expertise people shine with glory only by constantly self-realizing their skill gaps and acting upon it.

      If you are so good in any of these areas, you have a lot to offer to young professionals in the making. The education system in India is still evolving and it has a long way to refine and produce employable talent pool. There is no shortage of training institutes, tuitions and online course making platforms to associate and help improve talent in the nation.

    6. Teaching, Tutoring, Mentoring

      We Indians are so good in variety of arts, technical and management subjects that the world envy. This is a great opportunity. The internet has made our country so popular and as the face of many subjects like yoga, accounts, financial advice, mathematics, memory, spirituality, classical dance, music and many more. If you believe you are so good in any of the expertise, you have an opportunity to become a teacher, tutor or a mentor and monetize the time you spend in teaching others. The internet has made it so easy to offer your skill sets individually or as a group to just any remote citizen who needs to learn the subject.

    7. Starting a YouTube channel and earn money

      This may not be the first time you hear about starting a YouTube Channel to generate a passive income. It is indeed true that Vloggers in YouTube create channels and earn an enviable amount of money every day. Because of the borderless platform, YouTube Channel will work just round the clock to cater to the online user community. All you need to do is find the niche that you are excel at. If your content is so good, with a little professional help in producing appealing videos, your channel will start attracting subscribers in no time. The more subscribers your channel has and the 1000s of views every video generate, your revenue will start accruing in the system.

    8. Sell Online, E-Commerce Business, Dropshipping

      Do you have extra time during the weekdays and weekends? Are you well organized in completing the tasks in hand? Do you have your own products to sell or can you find a product in good demand in the operating market? Then you can very well start an e-commerce business online. The best part with starting an ecommerce business is that it doesn’t require huge upfront capital investments. Become an online seller with Amazon or Flipkart or launch your own e-commerce website and start selling quality products your regional audience are interested in buying. Today, an ecommerce entrepreneur need not even worry about taking care of sourcing products, maintaining inventory, logistics and handling returns. Explore the idea of Dropshipping. All leading e-commerce giants like flipkart, amazon, aliexpress are floating the idea where you just need to subscribe to their dropshipping business model. Rest are taken care of. Your role is then just to promote the products of these companies online and get direct commission based on every sale you generate. They will internationally deliver the product and handle the returns.

    9. Digital Marketing, E-Commerce Marketing, Business Development

      Indians are so good in business. It is in our blood to understand different trades, grasping the nitty gritty involved and excel on it by applying mind and hardwork. Digital Marketing is applying our marketing skills through digital media like internet, email, SMS, social media platforms and solving the needs and wants of buyers. Digital Marketing today is mastered easily by learning it online or self-learning by practically applying the techniques ourselves. Digital Marketing is the primary channel for many businesses today to cost-effectively market their offerings across international borders. Digital Marketing is measurable, repurposeful, reusable and highly targeted with online marketing tools so that the return on marketing investment is clearly understood in real-time. Even becoming an affiliate marketer is a no-investment, no-risk opportunity for us.

    10. Financial Advisor, Stock Trading, Investment Planning

      There are multiple income opportunities today for each one of us to capitalize the moment. After all who will keep their money idle? Everyone is keen on multiplying their money by carefully investing on the right financial channels. There are systematic investment planning, investing in gold, investing in properties, investing in equity or commodities or fixed deposits, pension schemes for all investor segments. With so many investment opportunities from so many businesses and government companies, there exists a lot of confusion and wastage of time in comparing each and everything. As a Financial Advisor you can help investors save a lot of time and multiply their income, minimize risks by analyzing market trends and recommending them the best investment schemes and diversifying their investment portfolio. Getting commission on each transaction or based on the profit you help them generated will amass a significant revenue for yourself.

There it is. I have outlined the top ten freelancing careers in India that assures guaranteed income. Which one of that you are already good at? Also join me in comments by sharing your ideas of money making.