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Holi Festival March 2018 – Top 10 ways to safely Celebrate Holi

Holi the “Festival of colors” is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalguna (Feb-Mar). Color Powder and Colored water are thrown at relatives, friends and closed ones  to reduce the differences between people—irrespective of their gender roles, caste, status etc. and bring them all together in the celebrations.

Holi Festival is sure a lot of fun. It can turn harmful if you don’t celebrate safely. In recent days because of commercial adulteration, the Holi color powders and color chemicals are often harmful for eyes , throat and nostrils.

Wish you Happy Holi.

  1. Have as much fun with throwing colors at each other. But use only Natural colors and not synthetic colors ones. Harsh Industrial colors or chemicals can damage eyes, hairs, skin, throat and thereby stomach.
  2. Don’t throw colors on children and elderly people. Their levels of immunity or resistance may not be very strong. Chemicals and their odor can develop allergies and adverse reactions on them.
  3. Stay safe from the fire during Holi dehan. Don’t burn things such as tires, tubes, plastics and other wastes which cause pollution along with the wood in Holi ka dehan
  4. Don’t spray color water or chemical colors on animals like dogs and cows. We are used to pollution, but they aren’t. Treating the animals is difficult as always there won’t be vets and medicines available for all sort of treatment.
  5. Apply Oil on Hair and Skin before starting to celebrate Holi Festival. It might act as a natural protective coat once you are done with the celebration.
  6. Try avoiding bhang or drink with control. Getting drunk with Bhang and later riding bikes or cars is highly risky. You might harm yourself and risk the lives of others.
  7. Celebrate Holi with your near ones and dear ones. Don’t go to unknown location and get into unnecessary troubles like molestation or abuse as often with the Bhang and other heights of excitement, often people can’t control themselves. The festival should not become a horrific day.
  8. Holi Festival is full of happiness and colors. Use permitted colors and harmless items to spray at each other. Don’t fill your water balloons and spraying pipes with eggs, mud or junk material.
  9. Avoid eating too much food especially sweets that get distributed widely. Overdose of Sugar or food is not healthy, upset your stomach and often slow you down.
  10. Avoid using harsh soaps on skin for removing colors and any sort of oil like kerosene on clothes they can ruin the cloth. Apply oil and moisturizers on your skin before and after the holi celebration.

Wish you a very Safe  and colorful Holi everyone!!


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