List of Alternatives for Plastic

List of alternatives for Plastic Items

Tamilnadu Government banned Plastic based items. Many other states are already banned plastic items. Now I found people are searching for Altenative items for plastic. Here is a List of Alternatives for Plastic Items.

  • Plantain leaves, Areca nut plates
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Paper Roll
  • Lotus Leaves
  • Glass
  • Metal Tumblers
  • Bamboo
  • Wooden Products
  • Paper Straw
  • Clothe Bags
  • Paper Bags Jute Bags

The main sector where you can find more plastic usage is Hotels. There they are using Plastic Item for packing food items Instead of Plastic plates you can use the plates made of Plantain Leaves and Areca nut Plates for packing food items and serving foods in hotels

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List of Alternatives for Plastic Items

Types of Plastic items which are banned in Tamilnadu

Types of Plastic items which are banned in Tamilnadu.,Tamilnadu government has announced Certain type of plastic usage is banned in Tamilnadu. Buying and using those types of Products are banned in Tamilnadu. As a result of the ban, the following products will be banned from January 1, 2019:

1. Food processing and packing plastic used in hotels.

2. Plastic sheets used for table mats and tablecloths.

3. Thermocol plates used for serving food.

4. Plastic coated paper plates.

5. Plastic bags used for gifting during special occasions.

6. Plastic coated tumblers used in TASMAC, small vendors, serving coffee, tea, water on occasions.

7. One-time usable plastic coffee and tea cups used in shops and homes.

8. Normal plastic made tumblers in commercial use.

9. Thermocol tumblers and cups.

10. Plastic coated paper bags which is used in shops for packing products for the buyers.

11. Water packets selling by small vendors around Tamil Nadu.

12. Plastic straws used for serving cold drinks, milkshakes in shops, theatres and hotels.

13. Plastic carry bags used for everyday usage by people.

14. Plastic printed flags in sale in shops.

Few Plastics which are excluded from this ban are Plastic cases containing milk, curd, oil and biodegradable plastics and packaging plastics like water bottle from big firms by the government.

Please avoid plastic usage and save the environment.

2019 New Year Resolutions for Digital Marketing Professionals

Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Digital Marketing Professionals in 2019

These are top ten new year resolutions for digital marketing professionals. Each year goes by faster than we expect. It is only natural that we get lost with the routine grind and deviating from our new year resolutions somewhere in the middle of the year. In 2019, let’s stick to the end with our resolutions and professional objectives to grow and thrive as a Digital Marketer.

  1. Scaling your Customer Experience Scores to newer benchmarks

90% of CMOs worldwide believe that delivering ultimate customer experiences, not only good for the customer but also for the company. Almost all recent research studies have consistently reported Customer Experience is the key to business success going forward. Regardless of the nature or size of the business, delivering superior Customer Experience is the biggest differentiator that can attract, convert and retain customers. If your business can benefit from Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) or any other form of experiential marketing methods, make sure to give them a try. So, if you are a Digital Marketer of a B2C or B2B business, start specialising yourself with Customer Experience (CX) Management.

  1. Gaining Industry Business Domain Knowledge

Ever since Marketing has gone largely Digital, there has been an illusion that if someone simply gets the know-how of handling digital marketing, advertising and analytics tools, they are doing a great job in Digital Marketing. That’s actually not the case. Marketing remains the same. Sure, Digital Marketing benefits in terms of reach, repeatability, measurability, cost-effectiveness and other factors. But having a great understanding of clients’ business model. The applicability of digital marketing techniques and the methodical applications vary for several unique businesses. What works for a clothing company need not work for a garment company. So, delve deep into knowing client’s business niche and the subtle nuances needed to deliver actual value.

  1. Master and apply Digital Marketing Technology Tool skillsets

You might have come acrossScott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape Infographic 2018. I don’t need to caution you anymore about familiarizing with as many as digital marketing tools within your forte. Marketing Function is perhaps the one that has adopted technology automation to the largest and it seems to be exponentially expanding. Don’t just use technology to improve business operations, also explore technologies to woo your customers.

  1. Progress with that Mobile Centric SEO

If Mobile traffic has not been observed growing steadily on your Google Analytics device category report, then there is fundamentally wrong with your digital strategy. Forget mobile compatibility, mobile performance. The importance of Mobile Centric SEO and Mobile Friendliness Score of your websites and apps have been emphasized a lot in recent Google Search Algorithm updates. Enable “Mobile-First Index” on your Google Analytics. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) readiness is often quoted as becoming a de-facto standard to rank better. Hybrid and Progressive Web Apps have their own advantages too. From optimizing content, site structure, to design and media, Mobile SEO is something you might want to focus a lot in 2019.

  1. Ensure Website Security and Customer Data

The emphasize on protecting websites and apps from intruder attacks, data theft, hacking attempts have never been this high. Google through Google Chrome Browser has already been marketing websites and apps as not-secure if they haven’t installed HTTPS – Secure Premium SSL Certificates. Free SSL certificates are a great starting point for static informative websites. If your site or app deals with any money transactions or storing sensitive customer data, then go for Premium SSL Certificates without thinking twice. The damaging effect of getting marked as not-secure once on SEO will take several months to repair and regain rankings.

  1. Staying clear from GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation actions

Though this GDPR regulation was introduced mainly to regulate businesses in collecting, storing and using customers personal information. This is all about increasing public trust and confidence to sustain consumers long term interest with digitally enabled businesses. We have seen already examples of legal actions, penalties levied against businesses that are non-compliance with GDPR. With businesses operating online consumers can buy your products and services from anywhere. So, your business might also need to understand GDPR regulations and implement corrective actions as suggested. Spruce-up your privacy policies, terms and conditions, disclaimers and cookie policy content and stay transparent with your customers.

  1. Implement a contextual, relevant Content Marketing Strategy

Narrow down your entire focus on context and relevance to the users. Create a new content marketing strategy based on your audience profiles, priorities, demographics, interests, responses and past interaction patterns to your content. Make sure to enable and leverage “Google Analytics Search Console” functionality to start understanding what your customers have been exploring on your website and focus more on their usage behavior. Build content around what has worked really well. More than paid marketing initiatives that offer max returns in short time frame, work on a longer, liveable organic content marketing strategy that is entirely built on relevance.

  1. Optimizing sites and apps for Voice Search

20% of all Google Search is voice search already. This number is projected to grow to 50% by 2020. Learn how you need to prepare your business for this paradigm shift. Hence understand customers search patterns, especially voice search patterns and see if your existing content gets mapped to related voice search queries. You might also take help from information technology in preparing for voice search. Google also has been insisting on re-imagining content in the form of directly conversing with customers and not with help of push advertising media.

  1. Protecting brand image with Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Digital Technologies and Social platforms have fast emerged. But ill-mannered consumers, venomous competitors and even trespassers can simply damage a brand’s online reputation for petty issues. Social platforms are vulnerable. Businesses don’t have enough manpower to take care online reputation against targeted attacks. Social Listening and Social Sentiment Analysis tools based on Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are there to help us out in such pressing situations. Stay alert, get notified on any negative reviews, and act fast before it reaches to larger audiences.

  1. Video Content Strategy is for everyone

This is a no-brainer for those who understand the value of video content. If your business hasn’t leveraged video content for educating customers, attracting them, promoting offerings and engaging them online, then it hasn’t been growing the way it is supposed to be. Identify and publicize your internal champions and engage with customers, influencers through video to build real credibility. There is nothing like watching a 3-minute video than consuming pages of whitepapers or case studies. Live Video is another method where your business can engage with customers in real time.

However difficult it turns out to be, let’s get it going with our personal growth plans and objectives with these new year resolutions. What’s in your list? Join in me in comments below.


Top 10 Diwali Gifts 2018 – Buy Festive Gifts Online to Gift Friends and Family

    1. Doodle Monk – Stationery 10% to 20% Discount Offer

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      Doodle Calender - Diwai Gift
      Doodle Calender – Diwai Gift Personally, my favourite is their 2019 Happy Being New Year Desk Calendar
    2. Decora India – Home Décor, Handicrafts Flat 20% Festive Sale Offer

      Go Green, Go local this Diwali. Care to decorate your Home or Gift your family with cultural-pride Home Décor and Handicrafts made by Indian Artisans?Decora India is your choice. The Decora India team handpicks fine handicraft items that are crafted with passion, love by Indian Artisans and supports their livelihood. Their best sellers are Madhubani Hand-painted Matki Vase, Handmade Terracotta vases, Brass Buddha and more. For this Diwali 2019, the Decora India team has announced a Flat 20% discount on all their handicraft products. The discount will be automatically applied while checking out. Be sure to take advantage of this offer. Visit

      Handicrafts made by Indian Artisans - Diwali Gift
      Handicrafts made by Indian Artisans – Diwali Gift
    3. Smart Television – Mi LED TV 4C PRO 80 cm (32) HD Ready Android TV (Black)

      This Diwali, gift your family, parents back home at native or help your friends buy wide screen smart TV entertainment. Smarten-up your Entertainment World with the Amazon Best Seller MI TV Pro Series, especially the Mi LED TV 4C PRO 80 cm (32) HD Ready Android TV. This is just an irresistible television to upgrade CRT televisions at home. For this Diwali 2019, Amazon is launching the product with “offers one cannot easily refuse”. As of August 2018, at least 1 Million people have bought Mi TV so far.Enjoy 10% discount from both ICICI and CITI Bank Credit Cards, No-Cost EMIs from Bajaj Finserv and Free Extended Warranty and up to INR 2000 worth offers from MakeMyTrip, Swiggy, Freshmenu & EazyDiner. Read more about this product Click Here., 

      MI Smart TV - Diwali Gift
      MI Smart TV – Diwali Gift
    4. Smart Phone – RealMe 1 (Black, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

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      Realme Mobile Phone - Diwali Gift
      Realme Mobile Phone – Diwali Gift
    5. Streaming Media Player – Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

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      Amazon Fire tv Stick
      Amazon Fire tv Stick
    6. DSLR Camera – Canon EOS 1300D 18MP Digital SLR Camera (Black).

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    7. Backpack – F Gear Luxur Brown 25 liter Laptop Backpack

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      Skinn Titan Perfumes
      Skinn Titan Perfumes
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    10. Laptop Backpack – GODS Ghost 18 Liter Polyester Black 15″ Laptop Backpack

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      Ghost Bags with Charger
      Ghost Bags with Charger

Wishing you all a Happy Diwali 2019!!!

India in Ten.


10 Banned Sports, Games that are illegal yet played in India

  1. Casino Gambling

    Betting and Gambling is one of the age-old games being played in India. Originally started for entertainment Gambling has radically evolved into a full-time money earning business over the years. However, in India the Casino Gambling is being run without any strict actions in key cosmopolitan cities and even in 2nd, 3rd tier towns and villages.

    What the Law Says?

    “The Public Gambling Act of 1867 is a central law that prohibits running or being in charge of a public gaming house. The penalty for breaking this law is a fine of ₹200 or imprisonment of up to 3 months. Additionally, this Act prohibits visiting gambling houses. A fine of ₹100 or imprisonment of up to one month is the penalty.”

    This light-hearted law is only a hogwash. Politically backed and moderated by local goons, business houses run highly systematic casino gambling in casino clubs, online casino gambling websites and even casino game apps.

  2. Lottery

    Lottery is again another multi-crore gambling business that is run by several state governments while being officially banned in other states of India. Not sure, why Lottery it is legal and illegal in various states. The people who spend money in buying Lottery are mostly illiterates, daily labors and lower middle-class citizens. The idea of Winning Lottery and becoming rich shackles their belief system in rightfully sweating hardwork and earning steady income by undertaking regularized jobs.

    Kerala state Lotteries run by Government of Kerala is a popular and profitable lottery business engine. From a humble INR 20 Lakhs revenue in 1967, during the financial year 2013- 2014, The department reported a profit of Rs 788.42 crore.

    In India Tamilnadu State has banned all forms of Lottery business in the year of 2003 being sold within or from outside the state.

  3. Dog Fighting

    Don’t read it wrong. It is not fighting with the Dogs. It is a barbaric blood sport being organized in remote villages and secret undergrounds in metro cities where two Voracious Dog Breeds are allowed to fight each other, tear flesh, break bones until they are pronounced dead. In India, Dog fights are often staged in barns, outdoor pits, garages, basements, warehouses, abandoned buildings, back alleys, neighborhood playgrounds, or even in the streets. Local Officials are being “Handled” to not act or report these games.

    Animal Welfare Organizations such as PETA India and the Animal Welfare Board of India are not able to report or act against or entirely ban these blood sport as these events are being organized and followed by a loyal fan base using posters, local adverts and SMS or WhatsApp groups for their sickening amusement.

    Though it is legally banned in India, Indian states such as Punjab, Haryana, Jaipur, Uttar Pradesh and in some parts of Delhi one can regularly come across Dog Fighting events.

  4. Sports Gambling Betting

    What’s sickening is while most of our generation teens and youngsters are already lacking physical fitness and start catching up lifestyle diseases, politically backed corporate companies are launching disguised Sports Betting schemes, online betting games and betting mobile apps in a loosely-framed legal system.

    Sports Gambling and Betting is highly detrimental for a healthy ecosystem, business economics and following crimes.

    In India, several times Sports Betting incidents have been reported, caught red-handed and punishments have been levied. In the promise of earning money or satisfying instant income gratification, these quick rich schemes loot masses of people in a jiff. FICCI reported that the market for underground or illegal sports betting has been pegged at over ₹300,000 crore. A report by the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS), illegal betting and gambling revenue market in India is valued at $150 billion. Experts say that nearly 80 per cent of this is being contributed by cricket.

  5. Flying Kites

    Kites are an amazing form of scientific experiment where we learnt to fly kites sky high for mere entertainment. Over the period this too got corrupted by the introduction of variations, skills demonstration, racing and now uncontrollable criminal activities that follow such kite flying events.

    Kite Running, Kite Flying Race, Kite Fighting and there are several other deadly variations in India. Flying Kites and getting into serious racing lead people into several dangers like injuries, bleeding, accidents, fights and even murders. Every year in India several people are reportedly killed by Manja, the glass powder coated kite flying. Kite flying also poses threat to low flying planes and copters.

    There is blanket ban for this deadly motivated kite flying that poses deadly risks and disrupts normal lives. Kite Flying is banned in several cities though being practiced in most parts of the country because of the lack of regular authorities.

  6. Animal Hunting

    Once known as motherland to several thousand rare animal species that other countries in the world were envious of. But thanks to the enlightenment behind the animal trafficking business and bloody entertainment affairs, people are lured into developing a flair for Animal Hunting. Many rare animal species are now in the danger of becoming extinct due to the volume of animal hunting activities.

    Popular animal species that are being hunted are deers, tigers, elephants, rhinos, snakes, crocodiles, peacocks and several other birds. These animals are mostly hunted dead or alive for their peculiar features in their skin, horns, feathers, meat or just for entertainment.

  7. Cockfighting

    Cocks are by nature aggressive. But that is mainly for establishing territories, claiming mating rights and for displaying genetic dominance among the bird community. This natural past time of watching cocks fight has become a blood sport now. Today Cockfighting is an illegal sport banned in several states of India.

    Cock Fighting was originated in the Southern India and spread across the entire Indian sub-continent. The sport has become banned once people started tying 3 to 4 inches blades to legs of the birds and allowed them to fight, poke each other until they die or retract from fighting.

    Exclusively for Cockfighting, special fighting cock breeds are bred, grown and trained to create bloody entertainment for the onlookers.

  8. Banned Video Games

    Who could have guessed that even video games would create havoc in the society. Several video games released over the years have been banned and shut down by the Government.

    Several video games like Manhunt Series, Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat, Dragon Age inquisition, Overwatch, Smite, Pokemon Go were reported and found to be spreading violence, sexual orientation, disrupts religious beliefs and create public havoc.

    BlueWhale is another game that jolted the World by inducing players to kill themselves. Without adequate regularization laws and acts video games create quick damage before their aftermath is realized and controlled.

  9. Bullfight and Jallikattu

    Bullfight is a form of animal fighting between two strong bulls in certain parts of the country. Sair fair is the traditional bull fight. In India the bull fight event is organized at Arki in Solan, Himachal Pradesh and certain other parts of the country.

    Jallikattu has been practiced in India for Thousands of years and is a part of the culture to demonstrate courage. This practice of Jallikattu is unharmful for the bulls and promotes breeding of native cow breeds which is a backbone for the agricultural ecosystem in India. Often being misunderstood and politically played out, in 2014 the sport Jallikattu was outlawed by the Supreme Court following objections from animal rights activists who say it is cruel. But later in 2017 January after the protests by people of Tamilnadu, the ruling was withheld.

  10. Street Racing

    Bikes and Car racing is another deadly sport in India. Following the popularization of F1 Car racing and sports bike racing events in the western world, India too picked up the lead and started running racing events across many states. With a strong purchasing power, teens and youths are buying, importing high performance vehicles for their personal gratification and indulge in life threatening racing events in an unorganized manner. Several paining accidents have been reported and hundreds of people die due to these street racing events on bikes or cars.

    Let us be vigilant enough in spreading awareness among youth and the overall society about the harm these banned games present.


MeToo Movement Jolts India and out-brings several Sexual harassment incidents

The MeToo Movement, popularly #MeToo was popularized in 2017 for voicing out against sexual harassment and sexual assault. Ever since started in last October 2017, #metoo virally spread like wild fire in social media where multiple counts of women and even men started publicly named their abusers.

In Hollywood hashtag metoo was used by actress Alyssa Milano, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Judd, Jennifer Lawrence, Uma Thurman and many other celebrities from media, politics, academia and music industries.

Who are the Indian celebrities named in #MeToo Movement?

In India too, several high profile celebrities have been accused of victimizing women. In India, the #MeToo was first used by actress Tanushree Dutta who named Famous Director and Actor Nana Patekar as her abuser. Ever since MeToo Movement India has brought to light several buried sexual harassments. Let us see some of the key personalities who are accused of sexual allegations.

Union Minister MJ Akbar

Minister MJ Akbar METOO
Minister MJ Akbar METOO

It is the hot topic of the Nation today wondering whether Union Minister for External Affairs MJ Akbar will resign his position or will respond back to the sexual accusations. A staggering 14 different sexual accusations have been observed on Social Media accounts like twitter and Facebook. First accused by Journalist Priya Ramani on Vogue Magazine, Union Minister MJ Akbar has been named by Ruth David, Majlie de Puy Kamp, Saba Naqvi, Ghazala Wahab, Sutapa Paul, Shuma Raha, Kanika Gahlaut, Suparna Sharma, Prerna Bindra, Kadambari Wade and few others. MJ Akbar has announced in a press meet that these accusations are baseless, and he will legally handle his accusers.

Director Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar METOO Movement
Nana Patekar METOO Movement

It was Tanushree Dutta who stirred #MeToo movement in India when she accused famed director and film actor Nana Patekar and Vivek Agnihotri that happened 10 years ago in film sets. Tanushree Dutta said that Nana Patekar in front of 100s of people has grabbed her, groped her in the pretext of teaching her dance moves even though he was not the choreographer. The actress has boldly registered an official complaint and spoken about this on several media channels and on 14th October she has demanded for Narco analysis, lie detector test and brain mapping test against the four accused in the case.

Director Sajid Khan

Director Sajid Khan METOO Movement
Director Sajid Khan METOO Movement

Director and filmmaker Sajid Khan is another popular figure in the Bollywood industry who was repeatedly accused by several female artists for sexual misconducts. Actress  Simran Suri, Actress Malaika Arora, Saloni Chopra and Rachel White are the four known actresses who have publicly named Sajid Khan so far. This has certainly hurt Sajid Khan as Akshay Kumar who is acting currently in Housefull 4, has requested his producers to cancel the film shoot until the investigations are complete.


Actor Alok Nath

Actor Alok Nath METOO
Actor Alok Nath METOO

Veteran actor Alok Nath has been accused by producer-writer Vinta Nanda for raping her two times almost 19 years ago. Soon after Vinta Nanda came out with the news, Actor Sandhya Mridul accused Alok Nath as he harassed her sexually and her career, health has gone for a toss ever since the incident. Before even the dust gets settled, a 3rd allegation from Deepika Amin. Alok Nath has rejected these accusations and his wife has already taken legal action against Vinta Nanda.

Director Vikas Bahl

Director Vikas Bahl MeTOO
Director Vikas Bahl MeTOO

Queen Director Vikas Bahl from Phantom Films has been recently accused of sexual misconduct by an unknown woman who recalled and reported an incident that happened few years ago. Just a couple of Days before Phantom Films one of a leading, successful production house was dissolved. Director Anurag Kashyap came out to press with the story saying they have been internally trying to handle this case for an out-of-the court settlement. Eventually it came out. Controversial Actress Kangana Ranaut voluntarily accused Vikas Bahl that stirred this incident to a whole new level.

Actor Rajat Kapoor

Actor Rajat Kapoor METOO
Actor Rajat Kapoor METOO

Actor and Film Maker Rajat Kapoor started receiving continuous sexual misconduct allegations after Journalist Sandhya Menon brought the accusation from an unnamed woman.




Tamil Lyricist Vairamuthu

Lyricist Vairamuthu METOO Chinmayi
Lyricist Vairamuthu METOO Chinmayi

In the South India, the Bollywood movie industry was stirred up when famed singer Chinmayi Sripaada recalled her victim story several years ago when an event organizer had asked her to accompany National-Award Winning Lyricist Vairamuthu during an event in Switzerland. The Lyricist Vairamuthu has spoken for his defense by saying that “The allegations have been levelled with some ulterior motive. I am ready to face any legal action that they initiate”.


Gautam Adhikari

Gautam Adhikari DNA Mumbai METOO
Gautam Adhikari DNA Mumbai METOO

The founding editor of DNA Mumbai Gautam Adhikari and former executive editor of the Times of India was accused of kissing several women without their consent. This has jolted the media industry as few people have spoken against him and in favour of him. Following these accusations, Gautam Adhikari has resigned as a senior fellow of the Center for American Progress (CAP) after he was accused in multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.


Comedian Utsav Chakraborty

comedian utsav chakraborty metoo
comedian utsav chakraborty metoo

Utsav Chakraborty of the comedy club All India Bakchod has been accused of sexual misconduct. At last Utsav Chakraborty has accepted the fact and has apologized for his behavior. He said that he will sincerely work towards making up to get past that.



Prashant Jha

Prashant Jha metoo
Prashant Jha metoo

Prashant Jha has stepped down as the Chief of Bureau and Political Editor of Hindustan Times after he was accused of sexual misconduct by a former employee of the organisation.





What happens after #MeToo Movement?

Several anti-sexual harassment guidelines and policy changes have been implemented across the World after this social movement has begun. In India Union Minister Menaka Gandhi proposed a 4 member panel to look into #metoo cases. Film Industries and Corporates have resolved to strengthen their existing harassment policy guidelines or take strict actions against those who involve in such sexual harassment activities. This is a break through development as without public agitation using twitter and other social media channels it would have taken several years for Government to come up with severe actions on its own.


Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018 – India Contingent

Indian Olympic Association in association with Department of Sports and Ministry of Youth Affairs is sending 46 Athletes and 19 Coaches and Officials. Indian Team participates in at least 13 Sports Categories such as Aquatics, Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Hockey, Judo, Rowing, Shooting, Sport climbing, Table Tennis, Weightlifting, Wrestling.

Below is the list of Athletes who represent Indian Contingency in Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018.

Let us wish the Indian Summer Youth Olympic Games Athletes, Coaches and Officials all the very best to win laurels for India and themselves.

Himani Akash


Nisar Ahmed

Sreekiran Nandakumar

Suraj Panwar

Praveen Chitravel

Kumwer Ajai Raj Singh Rana


Vishnupriya Jayaprakashan



Lakshya Sen

Vaishnavi Jakka Reddy






Prashant Kumar Chauhan

Shivam Anand

Rahul Kumar Rajbhar

Maninder Singh


Sudeep Chirmako


Rabichandra Singh Moirangathem

Vivek Sagar Prasad



Salima Tete



Ishika Chaudhary

Mumtaz Khan

Baljeet Kaur


Bichu Devi Kharibam




Tababi Devi



Satnam Singh

Ashish Goliyan



Shahu Tushar Mane

Saurabh Chaudhary

Mehuli Ghosh

Manu Bhaker



Bharath Stephen Pereira Kamath



Srihari Nataraj

Advait Page



Manav Vikash Thakkar

Archana Girish Kamath



Jeremy Lalrinnunga

Sneha Soren


Simran Mansi


Stay tuned for more updates and coverage of Indian Contingent in Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018 in India in Ten.


Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018 India – Day 1

The 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games has officially begun. This is also the 3rd Summer Youth Olympic Games that is hosted in Buenos Aires, Argentina from October 6 to October 18 2018.

This grand educational and sport event will feature 32 different sports and 241 sub-events. Almost 206 Countries send their contingents to participate in this prestigious Summer Youth Olympic Games.

Indian Olympic Association in association with Department of Sports and Ministry of Youth Affairs is sending 46 Athletes and 19 Coaches and Officials. Indian Team participates in at least 13 Sports Categories such as Aquatics, Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Hockey, Judo, Rowing, Shooting, Sport climbing, Table Tennis, Weightlifting, Wrestling.

Let’s wish the Indian Summer Youth Olympic Games Athletes all the very best to win laurels for India and themselves.

DAY 1 Schedule: Team India Contingent at Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

Below is the official schedule for Day 1. The timings are mentioned in Indian Standard Time (IST).


5.30pm: 10m Air Rifle Men Qualification: IND Shahu Tushar


6.30pm: Women’s -44kg Elimination Round of 16 : IND Tababi vs BHU Wangmo


7.08pm: Men’s 100m Backstroke Heats : IND Srihari Nataraj


8.15pm: Men’s Preliminary Round Pool B : IND vs BAN

10.30pm: Women’s Preliminary Round Pool A : IND vs AUT


8.25pm: Women’s Singles Group F : IND Vaishnavi vs ESP Andreu

10.00 pm: Men’s Singles Group F : IND Sen vs EGY Mostafa


9.30pm: Men’s Singles Preliminary Stage Group E : IND Manav vs LTU Stankevicius

10.15pm: Women’s Singles Preliminary Stage Group F : IND Archana vs SGP Goi Rui


12.40am: Junior Men’s Pair Round 1 : IND

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Top 10 Adulterated and Contaminated Foods in India

Why should I start it so pessimistically? The great land of Indian Nation is still fertile and can yield to billions of people with its unlimited natural resources. For this very reason the nation has been attacked, invaded, looted and now being ransacked by multi-national companies with support of our very own people.

This practice of adulteration may have never existed 40 to 60 years ago in India. People started picked up greediness for better profits, lesser expenses, minimal wages, stashing away money for unnatural spending habits. Before we realize we are now in the midst of a greatly banged-up, messed-up, adulterated food and nutrition supply chain.

Here are the Top ten adulterated foods in India.

  1. Milk

What is considered as the purest food of all from ancient days is fast becoming the slow poison for all of us. In India Milk is a major constituent of our regular diet three times a day. Without Milk or it’s bye-products like curd, butter, cheese, paneer, our Children, kids, adults or even elderly people can’t really survive. Milk offers a steady balance of nutrients like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Would you believe if 70% of all the milk sold and consumed are adulterated and contaminated?

This is a fact from a recent country wide survey. Who is to blame? Whether the Farmers, Traders, Milk bottling plant manufacturers or the careless Government institutions? Definitely not the poor Cows or Buffaloes!

Main Milk Adulterant Agents – Detergents, Melamine, water, chalk, urea, caustic soda and skimmed milk

  1. Honey

Next adulterated food item on our list is the Bee Honey. Bees teach us about the hard work. But Man can be super greedy in simply grabbing all the bees’ hardwork in few minutes and yet worse, adulterating the purest output of those poor honey bee colonies.

Let’s be careful in identifying pure honey from adulterated honey using several tests and ensure its quality before consuming ourselves or feeding it to children.

Adulterants – water, table sugar, sweetening agents, high fructose corn syrup

  1. Spices

This is a favorite topic when it comes to food adulteration in India. Adulterated spices in India affect all economic classes of people in India. Originally implemented by Traders who did it for gaining extra revenue, Adulteration in Spices is now epidemic even among the farmers community. Adulteration happens across the entire food chain from farming to production to storing to packaging.

Consuming adulterated spices will lead us to short-term and long-term ailments like nausea, vomiting, ulcer, cancer, blurred vision, infertility etc.

Spices Adulterants

  • Turmeric powder – “Metanil Yellow’ dye, corn flour, saw dust, lead chromate
  • Pepper – Papaya Seeds
  • Chilli powder – Brick Powder
  • Asafoetida – Soap Stone
  • Saffron – Maize Cob
  • Cinnamon – Cassia Bark
  • Mustard Seed – Argemone Seed
  • Many more…
  1. Ice creams

What we refer to Ice Creams in general are all not truly Ice Creams. True. Trust me! In a tropical country like India, Ice Creams have become one of the favorite foods and part of their everyday routine. In India, Amul ice cream brand is most famous and widely consumed Ice cream which owns whole manufacturer to retailer line of business. There are many other Ice Cream vendors sell something in the name of Ice Creams.

They sell technically frozen food items that are typically contaminated with the following adulterants – pepperonil, ethylacetate,butraldehyde, emil acetate, nitrate, washing powder etc.

  1. Food grains and flour

Staple foods like Rice and Wheat are the major food crops in India. Rice and Wheat are consumed in various formats. The powdered rice and wheat is usually adulterated with starch. Rice is being adulterated with small ‘grains of stones’ to increase the overall weight per quintal by unscrupulous retailers. Rice, Wheat, Maize, Jawar, Barley, Channa etc. are being contaminated with Dust, pebble, Stone, Straw,weed seeds, damaged grain, weevilled grain, insects, hair and excreta of rodents.

  1. Coffee powder

Indians consume Coffee and Tea as refreshment beverages during several occasions a day. Coffee seeds are mixed with so many other adulterants before it comes as strongly flavored packing.

Coffee Adulterants include husks, sticks, corn, cocoa seed, barley, wheat middling, chicory, brown sugar, maltodextrins, glucose syrups, soybean, triticale and acai seeds.

  1. Tomato Sauces

Fast food culture has introduced us modern Chinese, continental dishes and snacks. Tomato Sauces go well with fried rice, samosa, chat items, sausages and Manchurian dishes.

Adulterants of Tomato Sauces include Pumpkin pulp’, ‘sugar’, ‘non-edible colours and flavours that are highly carcinogenic.

  1. Tea Leaves

Tea is the most preferred refreshment beverage in Indian families. There are people who simply can’t begin and end their days without having a cup of strong tea. Some like tea with milk, some like it without milk, with lemon, without sugar etc. Drinking actual tea leaves does bring lot of excitement and energy to souls to lead tasks. Due to climatic conditions, poor economic wages, greed, lack of government regulations, consumer rights and profit motive, Tea is also getting adulterated.

Tea Adulterants are Bismark Brown, Potassium Blue, Turmeric, Indigo, Plumbago etc. to impart some favourite color or glossiness. Prussian Blue is a toxic substance that is used to color tea.

  1. Vegetable Oils

Mustard Seeds are adulterated with Argemone Seeds and Papaya seeds to add volume and weight. Consuming edible oils from such adulterated oil crops will lead to diseases like glaucoma. Often we hear reports of using petroleum bye-products in edible oils can help us imagine the level of adulteration in this highly priced and much needed food product.

  1. Sweetening Agents

Sugar is derived from Sugarcane, palm trees, coconut trees for getting us sweetening agents. Without sugar or sweetener agents, we couldn’t have tried and tasted many interesting food recipes.

Adulteration in sugar leads to kidney failure, weakening of bones, abnormal weight gain, food poison, cancer and other diseases.

Adulterants in Sugar include Chalk powder, Washing soda, White sand, Plastic, crystals, Urea, White/ Yellow color, Insects, Rawa/ Suji, Stones, Metanil yellow,

Bacterial and fungal contamination.

Let us be very careful in procuring and consuming food products and save our health.


10 Atrocious Tricks of IRCTC – Indian Railways Online Ticket Booking Website

IRCTC is unarguably the 2nd largest online travel ticketing platform in the World. Currently serving more than 600000 tickets a day, IRCTC is the subsidiary company of Indian Railways, the 4th Largest railway network in the World. We all have certainly benefitted by IRCTC and are certainly proud of this indigenous platform for its tireless service to the nation.

Serving half a million passengers every day is not an easy task by any means. That means, catering tens of millions of online bookings each day for various other freight, tourism, catering, flight tickets. Anyone can understand the painstaking efforts behind this behemoth booking engine.

However, the policy makers behind this system continue to invent multiple condition and validations to facilitate travel booking. This is beneficial for many and often turns out to be a worst experience. The following are some of the problems with IRCTC people face when they try to book a ticket.

  1. IRCTC’s Ultra-Shrewd Ticket Booking Logic Limitations

We understand that IRCTC caters to a billion people hence competition among people is fierce. Online traffic may spike to the levels that it might just burn down the servers. It doesn’t mean that while trying to be fair, one can simply be unfair to million others.

  • One account can book 6 tickets a month. If you integrate Aadhaar, you can book 12 tickets. With so many mistakes, is this possible to achieve?
  • One can book only 2 Tatkal Tickets from 10 AM to 12 PM. That too if the starting point and destinations need to be different.
  • Maximum 6 persons per Ticket booking. What will happen to people with more family members?
  • Just 25 seconds per session to book a train ticket. Input time for filling a Captcha is 5 Seconds. IRCTC, please understand we are still a long way to become a Cyborg!
  • Multiple logins in a Same IP Address
  • And many more…
  1. IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Scheme

Perhaps IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking scheme is the most frequent economic attack on the middle-class citizens of our Nation. IRCTC charges 100% to 150% extra of a normal ticket cost for the same train, same coach and seat category. What is the only difference? People who are willing to spend extra money on desperation can only afford this scheme.

  1. IRCTC’s schemes for Senior Citizens, Women, differently abled

We all have come across Senior Citizens get allotted the Upper berths, Side upper berths or middle births. What kind of a system that will leave elderly people at the mercy of other passengers all the time?

It will be great to interview anyone who successfully booked IRCTC tickets using “Women Category”. The differently abled people can accompany one additional person with a concession. But in this blind horse race, how do they get their tickets booked?

  1. IRCTC Ticket Cancellation

Needless to mention that IRCTC is swift enough to intimate and refund passengers on failure transactions. But imagine a close to a million e-booking transactions get cancelled each day with an average ticket value ranging from INR 500 to INR 1000. There are several hundred million rupees that are exchanged, rotated, re-conciliated and accounted in the next few days. Passengers are penalized with 15% to 100% of the cost price of their tickets based on the cancellation rules and time. The time value of money in this scale is unimaginably huge. Who gains here actually?

  1. Unreliable Seat Availability in Counters and Online

First of all, IRCTC sells countless tickets for unreserved or general category coaches. With no other affordable means to travel, people flock into train coaches like uncivilized herds. For the coaches with reservation facility, how often we have come across the situation that before booking the system will just a hundred available tickets and before that session gets ended our tickets will be in the 200+ waiting list.

  1. IRCTC Transaction Failure Errors

This is a nightmare for many. After a painstaking effort to get into the system, filling multiple fields, selecting specific category values, getting past Captcha validation, answering Yes or No questions, submitting values to secret questions, mobbing ahead of OTP generation delays, Payment gateway delays the session might simply show a Transaction Failure Error.

  1. IRCTC Ticket Booking Agents or Passengers your ultimate customers?

What we hear from people is that the Agent Login aspect of IRCTC Ticket Booking Platform is simply amazing and agents can simply book several tickets in bulk and make huge money using the demand. Like everything else in this nation, the citizens are taken for granted.

  1. IRCTC’s Irritating Intelligence

Acting very smart in front of humble people with its intelligence is simply irritating. We mean the system’s intelligence in pre-emptively analyzing the users’ data such as

  • Login Time
  • IP Tracking
  • Aadhaar Verification
  • Count of Ticket Booking
  • Browser version update
  • User Navigation
  • IRCTC Ticket booking using Automated Scripts
  • Multiple logins on same, different browsers
  • And many more…

Will IRCTC ever imagine a situation to alert a humble passenger and checking if he/she likes to book ticket to return to native like last year same date he traveled? But they can think of 100 more new conditions to make sure that a common man’s hope of affordable travel gets spoilt.

  1. IRCTC Train Ticket Insurance Scheme

As if they had cared about the passengers with ease of use in booking tickets, clean seats, fans in running condition, hygienic toilets, healthy catering food, the platform made it a mandatory question to answer whether we need an travel insurance for an overnight journey. Straightaway 10% of the ticket cost often goes to the Insurance Scheme which we can’t avoid and risk the chance of getting a confirmed ticket. Who knows?

  1. IRCTC Insiders Back-end EQ Clearance Scheme

Beyond all these traumatizing limitations if a passenger blindly hopes that his waiting ticket will get confirmed, it is only his or her ignorance. People who are linked to IRCTC or Indian Railway Staff can just book tickets online in any waiting list on any given date and get their ticket to confirmed status with insiders help. They all exploit a quota called Emergency Quota. What more we like to explore further about this whole dirty circus?

This may sound entirely negative. But, so does the experience every time people get when trying to book a regular train ticket. The above list may be an endless one during IRCTC Diwali /Dussehra / Durga Pooja / Pongal / Ticket Booking Season. Let’s not give up. Let’s just continue to hope that someday this IRCTC Online Ticket Booking experience will be a bliss.