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About India In Ten

India in Ten is a user-generated content (UGC) driven blog to understand everything and anything about India in its entirety with easily readable ten pointed listicles. (A Listicle is a portmanteau of List and Article. A Portmanteau is? Well, read it from here).

Modern India is evolving like every one of us. While India’s culture, Bollywood, cricket and politics have been widely covered by magazines, it remains unexplored in many ways.

You may be a citizen of India or a traveler or an expat living here. Let us share and learn knowledge, amazing experiences, thrilling facts, exciting news about India in 10 simple lists.

Why India in Ten?

Research in Content Marketing have proven that Readers Chunk information to learn new things. Human Brain can easily chunk numerical lists that end in Zero such as 10, 20 or 30.

Listicles (list based articles), that too in the number of top 10 items in each subject help readers with easy categorisation of newer subjects, logical sequence tap natural human readiness and help them retain & share knowledge.

India is a versatile country with so many dynamics going on. Our blog is born to help national and international readers in understanding modern India.  

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Team India in Ten

Harini Senthil

Harini is a creative blogger with keen interest in understanding international culture, arts and fashion. She use to work as an IT Professional and later began pursuing her innate interests in writing and arts.

Realizing a need to represent modern day India better across the Globe, she started India in Ten as a platform to express Modern Day India.  India in Ten is a platform to freely express the greatnesses in culture, nature, education, talent, workforce and also the societal aspects that need drastic changes. She takes care of the overall management of the blog and content efforts with the help of a team of creative professionals who share similar interests in making India a great nation.

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