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10 Famous Indian Desi Foods with Videshi Origin

Indian foods and cooking recipes have got worldwide recognition. In the Western Countries, Indians Food means curry. It’s that famous. We have let the World learn our foods. At the same time, we too have picked up many cooking methods and recipes as our own from foreign nations.

Here are such Top Ten Famous Indian Foods that has a foreign origin.

  1. Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala has become the essential dish for lunches in homes and hotels whenever Indians prefer having non-vegetarian foods. Chicken Tikka Masala goes very well with dry flavoured rice foods and rotis or naans. All age group people in India who are non-vegetarians are fans of this food.

Origin of Chicken Tikka Masala: Scotland

Ali Ahmed Aslam of Glasgow’s inimitable Shish Mahal, an authentic Scottish curry house has invented Chicken Tikka Masala and travelled back to India.

  1. Briyani or Biryani

The multi-ingredient rice dish is the main identity of home and hotel cooking in India. There must be hundreds of flavors of Biryani now invented by Indians across each states. Some notable ones are Hyderabadi Biryani, Chettinad Biryani, Mogul Biryani. Biryanis are prepared with one or multiple mixtures of mutton, chicken, fish, beef, mushroom, vegetables. Dum Biryani is a mogul style biryani specially known to be prepared by the Muslim community people.

Origin of Biryani: Persia

This meat and rice dish brought by the Mughal invaders to India.

  1. Samosa

Samosas are ideal evening snacks at offices, homes and roadside eateries. An easily cook able samosa has stuffing of vegetables or eggs or non-vegetarian combination. It means a lot for many to start their evening snack with Samosa and finish with Tea. Again Samosas come in multiple flavours, styles, sizes and spices.

Origin of Samosa: Middle East

Traders from Middle East brought it to India around 14th century, and it it is known as ‘Sambosa’ in Middle East.

  1. Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee is mostly a South Indian flavour of Coffee drink. Mainly popularized and consumed by the Brahmin community. Many believe that drinking coffee make us energy, refreshment and new ideas. Some even rely on Filter coffee as a medicine for headaches, stress etc.

Origin of Filter Coffee: Yemen

In 16th century it was smuggled into India by Baba Budan, on his trip to Mecca.

  1. Naan

Can’t often be prepared easily at homes, Naans can be eaten only at Hotels. Naans are light weight foods for lunches and dinners. Often Naans accompany flavoured Indian currys like chicken or mutton masala, vegetable kurmas. Naans do come with many flavors such as plain Naan, Butter Naan, Ginger Naan, Chilly Naan, Stuffed Naan, Ceylon Naan etc.

Origin of Naan: Persia

Naan is essentially a wheat of Maida flour based bread is brought by the Mughal invaders to India.

  1. Jalebi

Sweet toothed people can’t stay away from this succulent, freshly prepared hot jalebis. A sweet that is freshly prepared and consumed can’t be stored for long. Jalebis are soaked in sugar syrup. One can’t eat a great number of Jalebis as they can fill the stomach easily and other foods can’t be consumed after that.

Origin of Jalebi: Persia

This Dessert is brought by Persian invaders to India. Jalebi is known as ‘zalibiya (Persian)’.

  1. Rajma

Rajma is a large, long bean mostly grown and cultivated in northern India. Rajma curry are favourites in Punjabi, Rajasthani and most of the North Indian foods. This bean is very healthy. An easily cook able bean can go with rice, roti’s or naans in the main course.

Origin of Rajma: Mexico

The bean was brought to India by traders through Guatemala and Central Mexico.

  1. Dhal Bhat

Dhal Bhat is a staple food prepared with rice and lentil (dhal). Dhal Bhat is a very healthy combination of carbohydrates, proteins, nutrients. When Dhal Bhat is eaten with other vegetable condiments, it defines an average Indian Meal.

Origin of Dhal Bhat: Nepal

Dal Bhat is actually originated from Nepal via North Indian this dish came to India and spread all over the subcontinent.

  1. The famous Chai or Tea

One of the Indian identifies of India in western world is the drink Tea. The most popular drink is an everyday custom in the Morning and Evening. Chai or Tea in India is prepared with milk or just hot water. Tea is usually accompanied by Biscuits, cakes, vadas or samosas.

Origin of Tea: China

Tea has its origins in China, it was brought to India by British for creating new tea plantation

  1. Gulab Jamuns

No festival, wedding or hotel buffets are complete without the sweet Gulab Jamuns. Round Gulab Jamuns are soaked in transparent sugar syrup. Gulab Jamuns are prepared with a dough of maida, butter then deep fried in cooking oil and ultimately soaked in sugar syrups.

Origin of Gulab Jamuns: Persia

This Dessert is brought by the Persian invaders to India.  persian form of Gulab Jamuns is called ‘luqmat al qadi’.

Never imagined that the above famous foods we relish upon in our lives have origin from other countries. Please join with me in the comments section to share your wisdom on Indian Foods and their origins. In another post, we will find Videshi foods with Indian origin 🙂


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